Mortgage Calculator

Your financing
  • CHF 0 5M i

    Personal funds you have to finance your real estate purchase: savings, donation, inheritance, pension funds 2nd and 3rd pillar. The pension assets from the 2nd and 3rd pillar are only usable relatively to the purchase of your principal residence. This does not include any costs related to the purchase of the real estate (notary fees, various taxes on withdrawals from 2nd and 3rd pillars assets, etc.).

    The minimum required personal funds by the financial institutions are generally 20% of the purchase price.

  • CHF 0 10M i

    Your purchase price doesn’t include the additionnal costs you may have for your acquisition (notary fees, various taxes, etc)

  • CHF i

    Your annual gross fixed income, before social deductions. It is also possible to consider another regular revenue or an ancillary occupational activity. Regarding variable annual revenues, these varies according to the financial institution.

  • 18 64 i

    Your age at the time of the real estate purchase. This parameter is used to calculate the annual repayment amount of your mortgage.

  • CHF i

    The first mortgage represents the first 66% of the purchase price. This mortgage is not, in principle, subject to an annual repayment. If you are close to retirement or if you have already reached the legal retirement age, financial institutions will be able to offer you only a mortgage of up to 66% of the purchase price.

  • CHF i

    The second mortgage represents the amount exceeding the first 66% mortgage. This second mortgage is subject to an annual repayment: within 15 years or before the legal retirement age.

  • CHF i

    The expected financing amount, which is the difference between the purchase price and your personal funds.

  • i

    Your mortgage value as a ratio from the purchase price. Your mortgage maximum value must not exceed 80% of the purchase price.

    In some specific cases, the maximum value of your mortgage as a percentage may be reduced depending on the financial institution (for example, if your property is considered amateur, luxury or holiday). For individuals who have reached the legal retirement age, financial institutions generally do not offer mortgages exceeding of 66% of the purchase price.

  • i

    Your affordability to finance or maintain expenses. This is the comparison between your gross income and the theoretical annual expenses related to the property. By default, the calculator uses 5% theoretical rate, which is the common rate used by all financial institutions to calculate your affordability. This percentage should generally not exceed one third of your gross annual income.

    The theoretical annual expenses consist of the following points: Amount of your mortgage multiplied by a theoretical rate of 5%.
    Annual repayment, corresponding to the repayment of the second mortgage within 15 years maximum or before the legal retirement age. Annual maintenance costs: 1% of the purchase price

  • 0% 10% % Estimated costs with a theoretical interest rate of 5% by default i

    Theoretical interest rate of 5% used by the Swiss banks in order to calculate your affordability

  • CHF i

    Amount of loan multiplied by interest rate

  • CHF i

    Second mortgage repaid in up to maximum 15 years or before the legal retirement age.

  • CHF i

    Purchase price multiplied by 1%

  • CHF i

    Your estimated annual expenses after acquisition of your property.