Our Presentation

Our Presentation

CIL Finance is the consulting and real estate financing department of the Compagnie Immobilière du Léman SA and it completes the agency’s services

Our concept is simple and innovative:

A real estate project is intimately linked to financing. However, we evolve in a society that is ever more complex, with ever more standards, in which we have less and less time to carry out our daily tasks.

Based on this situation, we have grouped the real estate and financial skills within a single company so you get benefit from their synergies and complementarities in an efficient way. We want to simplify everything by reducing the number of involved persons in your real estate project.

Dialogue with financial institutions can become tedious, complex and time-consuming by the multiplication of tasks and contacts for each institution that you are likely to approach for your financing.

Keeping these elements in mind, our concept is to put at your disposal all the know-how and the large banking experience of our financing department to achieve your objectives:

Whether you are a private client or a real estate professional, you benefit from the full range of our financing expertise.

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